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The Polish town of Ustka sits on the coast of the Baltic Sea in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is a popular seaside resort because of its stunning beaches. But there is more…

Ustka is well-known for several reasons. During the summer, the town fills up with people looking to unwind, soak up some rays, and enjoy the sea.

The harbor

Ustka has a tiny harbor that is used by fishing boats and recreational watercraft. It gives the city a more appealing maritime vibe and opens up options for recreational boating and fishing expeditions.


The lighthouse

Latarnia Morska, the historic lighthouse in Ustka, is a well-known landmark and a popular destination for visitors. The town and the Baltic Sea may be seen in their entirety from this location at the mouth of the Suppia River.

The promenade

Ustka’s promenade is a lovely area to take a stroll because it is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and stores. A pier juts out into the water at the end of the promenade, providing a great spot for fishing and taking in the sights of the shore.


Our local office

Poland Invest has its local office in the railway station of Ustka. yes, you read that right. Our office in Ustka is located in the new train station. From our office we can be at any location where we are currently working with Poland Invest within a maximum of 25 minutes. Feel free to plan a visit and get to know us.


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