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Would you like to learn about Polish culture, particularly when you’re on vacation? Pictured here, after hours, are the “typical” Poles. A cordial greeting to all Polish citizens.

Keep it lighthearted please…

Poland celebrates summer, vacation, and holidays with great fervor. Poles absolutely adore their beloved outdoor pursuits. On top of that, they all have their own quirks that make them giggle.

Poles Grill in the Polish Tradition

Polish folks love to grill out in any open space, whether it’s a park, a forest, or even just their sixth-floor balcony. The tools needed for barbecuing can range from a simple charcoal grill to an elaborate fire pit station. The scent of hot Polish kiełbasa wafts over gardens in every Polish residential neighborhood on reasonably bright weekends, particularly the longer ones.

Barbecue essentials include the kiełbasa (usually Polish-style sausage, the best alternative), optionally fatty pig neck, cool beer (you need more than one unit per head), and fire starter — you can usually smell it the strongest.

Let it be known that they personally enjoy grilled kiełbasa, enjoy grilling, and often use this as a means of celebrating any and all events. Nothing brings a group of people together like the irresistible combination of a fire starter and a refreshing drink!

The Lawn Is Mowed. Once every three days

Indeed, the lawnmowers typically make their debut during the world-famous Majówka (long May weekend). Some homeowners still can’t wait until April to unleash their rumbling lawn mowers. Mowing Majówka is an absolute necessity, regardless of when spring arrives in a mild or cold climate.

After all, every garden-owning Pole takes great satisfaction in their well manicured grass, free of any signs of weeds. Having a lot of lawns that are only decorative is irrelevant. There isn’t a single wildflower and it’s kept clean. It is a blessing that urban areas in Poland are now embracing wildflowers.

There is just one constant sound on a free day, beginning at sunrise: the gas-powered lawnmower of a neighbor. The sound fades away in the late afternoon, replaced by the sound of grilling kiełbasa. You have to confess, after mowing the whole garden, the combination of a cold beer and a warm sausage tastes just divine.

Going to the Polish Coast

Inflatable arm bands, kiddie pools, floats shaped like strawberries, a portable barbecue, and their beloved kiełbasa are usually packed into the car by most Polish families the moment the school year concludes in late June.

At the most famous beach resorts, every single person checks in at the exact same moment to claim their own little patch of sand. There is a plethora of people in Kołobrzeg, Mielno, Ustka, Gdańsk, Łeba and other famous places.

Finally, the beach screen, the most ubiquitous piece of beachside furniture in Poland. “My piece of land” is a metaphor for seclusion, like the tall fence that encircles our gardens. Beside the television, everything appears as though one is at home: a chilly beer, sandwiches cooked with ingredients from home, and Polish kiełbasa. For the next two weeks, only lawn mowing needs to be delayed…

… or driving and flying abroad

Among the most popular international holiday spots for Poles is the seashore of Croatia and Cyprus. They simply cannot fathom spending summers without visiting these countries, no matter how much people gripe about the ever-increasing prices.

Poles can drive to Croatia in 10 hours (after we get on the Austrian route), or fly to Cyprus in less or more 3.5 hours from Warsaw and the weather is more predictable than in Poland. They already have their go-to host who greets them year after year, and the turquoise sea is a bonus.

It has already been a custom for Poles to gripe about the prices upon their return and vow to go somewhere else next year.

Poles Soak Up the Sun Intensely

A sun-kissed complexion is still very much in vogue. A fake tan may be on the decline, but nothing says summertime relaxation like a golden glow. The most important thing is to get a tan without any unsightly traces, such as eyeglass imprints or short-sleeve marks (work counts).

Like basically everyone on the planet, they use sunscreen, know about the risks of UV rays, and stay out of the sun during peak hours, but still: a golden, tanned body is always somewhat admired and envious. Simply said, the beach tan is a different shade, more golden.

Last: Poles Regret The Weather

A Polish summer may be picture-perfect. It may be cold, unpredictable, and rain nonstop for two weeks. Especially considering that those two weeks were specifically reserved for a vacation by the sea (yes, that’s how the weather is in Poland).

Regardless of the weather, Poles are just as likely to gripe about it as Americans are about taxes, the government, their overly lawnmowing neighbor, and the impending return to work.

You can always use the garden tools, lawnmower, and barbecue, so it’s not like vacation is ever ending. Compared to Croatia or Cyprus (and the Polish coast, for that matter), prices are lower here at home.

(Notice: This article was produced in collaboration with Wellcome Home)

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