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How expensive are restaurants in Poland?

Polish cuisine is a fusion of Eastern European and Western European flavors and techniques. There is a wide variety of dishes available at Polish eateries, from heavy stews and meat dishes to light pastries and sweets. Prices at restaurants in Poland can range from cheap to expensive based on the type of establishment, its location, and the time of day.

A mid-range diner for two (without the drinks of course…) in Poland can cost anywhere from 100 to 250 PLN (about 20 to 53 EUR), on average (though this does vary by city).

Tipping is expected in Poland, but the amount is often smaller than in some other nations due to the relatively low cost of living. It is customary to leave a 10% tip, while greater tips for exceptional service are always welcome.

Depending on the establishment, the cost of eating out in Poland might be rather low when compared to other European countries. Poland has a diverse restaurant scene where diners of all budgets and preferences may find something to their liking.

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