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Are you seeking a profitable investment idea with potential for high returns? Look no further! Each of the projects that we can offer you also provide you with an opportunity to reclaim 100% of the VAT (23%) that you have to pay on your initial investment.

Intrigued? Let’s look at how you can take advantage of this

STEP 1: Register as a TAX payer

Investing in our projects gives you the unique opportunity to recoup 100% of the VAT paid on your initial investment. You can simply take advantage of this by registering as a VAT payer with the Polish Fiscal Authorities or creating an sp. zoo.  (the Polish counterpart of a Limited company n Belgim or The Netherlands).

STEP 2: The Key Condition: Renting with an Established Operator

To be eligible for VAT reimbursement, you must rent out your property through a reputable operator with whom you sign a rental agreement. This cooperation with a reputed rental management business guarantees a consistent stream of rental income.

STEP 3: The Practical Mechanism for Reclaiming 23% of VAT

Here’s how it works: when the operator pays out the rental income, you will add 23% VAT on your  invoice to the operator. For example, if the monthly rental income is €1.500, the invoice will add 23% VAT. As a result, you are eligible to reclaim 100% of the VAT you paid on your initial investment.

STEP 4: Maximizing Returns Through Strategic Tax Planning

We appreciate the necessity of lowering tax costs while increasing returns for our investors. That is why we provide assistance in establishing the essential fiscal structures based on individual preferences. We provide you with everything you need to maximize the value of your investments.

Ready to get on board? Take the Next Step

Ready to start your investment journey? Contact us to learn more about our initiatives and how you may profit from reclaiming 100% of VAT. Don’t pass up this opportunity to increase your returns and achieve financial success with us.

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