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Buying your home vs. investing in real estate

When it comes to buying your first house, personal preferences such as aesthetics and ambiance are important factors to consider. It’s a home where you plan to spend years, so it’s natural to emphasize your own preferences. However, when the purpose turns to real estate investment with the intention of renting it out, a different strategy is required. In this scenario, the emphasis moves from personal preferences to understanding the desires of future renters, with the goal of maximizing return on investment.

The developer

Finding the correct developer is critical when investing in rental properties. Optimal developments are those that are designed to attract tenants willing to pay competitive rents in prime locations. It is critical for foreign investors to select projects that offer comprehensive rental management services. Investing in properties where the majority of owners plan to live can be less profitable. Instead, strike a mix between owner-occupiers and investors looking for rental income opportunities.

A diversified offering

Diversification in unit sizes is another factor to consider when investing in real estate. As an investor, it is critical to analyze the figures and weigh possible rewards against investment costs. Larger units may have lower rental yields, but they often hold the potential of faster appreciation. Finding the optimal balance between rental income and property value appreciation is critical for making educated investment decisions.

Rental Management

Using an intermediary for rental and property administration is recommended, especially for international investors. Entrusting daily operations to professionals guarantees that homes are continuously rented and well-maintained. Furthermore, creating a buffer between investors and tenants helps to avoid emotional entanglements that may emerge during direct landlord-tenant contacts. Delegating such obligations allows investors to keep a professional distance, resulting in a smoother resolution of any concerns that may occur.

You dream home

Personal taste


Maximum R.O.I.

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