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The warehouse industry is experiencing rapid growth and is currently the most rapidly expanding segment of the commercial real estate sector in Poland. The growth has been driven by the adoption of e-commerce and multi-channel sales strategies by traditional retailers.
Due to the increasing significance of fast delivery, there is a rising demand for last-mile logistics.

Poland’s primary logistics hubs correspond to key regions with significant economic and transportation importance. Here’s a quick summary of each:

1. Warsaw I and Warsaw II

Warsaw is Poland’s capital and largest city, and it is located in the country’s center. Warsaw I (3%) and Warsaw II (18%) count for the number one in warehouse stock in Poland.
Significance: Warsaw is a major commercial and logistical hub with an established transportation system.

2. Upper Silesia

Upper Silesia is a heavily industrialized region in southern Poland, best known for its coal and steel industry.
Significance: It is an important logistics hub because of its industrial production and strategic position in the West of Poland.

With 17% of the warehouse stock in the market, Upper Silesia is quickly becoming the most sought-after location for logistics in Poland. 

3. Poznań

Location: Poznań lies in western Poland. Poznań counts for 12% of the warehouse stock in Poland.
Significance: Poznań, located in central-western Poland, is a significant commercial and logistics hub.

4. Central Poland

Central Poland includes cities such as Łódź. Central Poland counts for 15% of the warehouse stock in Poland.
Significance: This region is strategically positioned and frequently used as a transportation and logistical crossroads.

5. Lower Silesia

Lower Silesia area in southwestern Poland. Lower Silesia counts for 13% of the warehouse stock in Poland.
Significance: The region is noted for its diverse economy and serves as an important logistics center connecting various sections of Poland and adjacent countries.

These logistics centers play an important role in the distribution and transportation networks of Poland and throughout Europe. They profit from their strategic locations, extensive infrastructure, and economic importance.

Currently, there are a total of 11 warehouse hubs, consisting of five established ones (as mentioned above) and six emerging ones. The majority of warehouse space is situated in the Warsaw region, specifically within a 50 km radius of the capital city. Additional large warehousing areas are situated in Upper Silesia and Central Poland.

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