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Industrial real estate in Poland is on the rise. Companies such as Amazon, Panattoni and other international players have already taken their position in the market several years ago. Today, the so-called ‘last-mile delivery’ locations are on the rise.

There are obvious reasons for this evolution in the logistics real estate market in Poland:

E-commerce: E-commerce growth was boosting demand for advanced logistics and distribution centers. Companies were looking for strategically positioned industrial buildings to satisfy their warehouse and distribution demands as online shopping grew in popularity. Now is the time to invest in local regions where there is a shortage of so-called ‘last-mile-delivery’ solutions.

Investment in Infrastructure: Poland is heavily investing in transportation infrastructure such as highways, railways, and ports. And this is still going on… This is supposed to benefit the logistical and manufacturing sectors by making it easier to transport goods around the country and to other European markets.

Foreign Direct Investment: Because of its stable economy and business-friendly environment, Poland has been a popular location for foreign investors. This sparked increased interest from multinational firms looking to invest in industrial real estate, particularly in large cities such as Warsaw, Wrocaw, and Poznan. The next opportunity for growth is ‘last-mile-delivery’.

Environmental Development: In the real estate sector, including industrial properties, there is a rising emphasis on sustainability. To meet environmental regulations and decrease operational costs, developers and investors are increasingly exploring eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions in their projects. The need to be as close as possible to the end consumer has become a priority in local logistics.

Flexible Spaces: Flexible and customized spaces are also becoming popular in industrial real estate. Companies are looking for buildings that can be customized to their individual operational requirements, such as manufacturing, storage, or distribution.

Rental Rate Increases: Due to high demand for industrial properties in important regions, rental rates are rising, and this trend could continue if demand outpaces availability.

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