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Many people who want to go to Gdansk choose to travel there by train. It is easy and quick to get to this historic port city by train from other parts of Poland and Europe because the city is well connected by rail. Here’s what you should know about getting to Gdansk by train.

Trains to Gdansk

Gdansk is served by a number of different train companies. The most famous train company is PKP Intercity, which runs both fast trains and trains that go through smaller towns. Other companies include Arriva, Koleje Dolnośląskie, and Koleje Wielkopolskie.

Intercity trains

Trains go to Gdansk often from big Polish towns like Warsaw, Krakow, and Poznan. Gdansk is also reachable by international trains from Berlin, Prague, and Vienna. Depending on where you are coming from, you may need to switch trains in Warsaw or another big city.

Train stations

Gdansk has two train stations: Gdansk Glowny and Gdansk Wrzeszcz. The main stop is called Gdansk Glowny. It is in the city center, close to many of the city’s sights. There are a lot of services at the station, such as cafes, bars, shops, and money exchange and luggage storage.

Gdansk Wrzeszcz is a smaller stop that is about 5 kilometers from the center of the city. It is still easy to get to the center of the city by bus or train, which run frequently.

Tickets and fares

You can buy train tickets online, at train stops, or from machines that sell them. If you want to escape disappointment, it’s best to book your tickets ahead of time, especially during busy travel times. There are different types of tickets, such as standard, business, and first class.

The price of a train ticket depends on the train company, the route, and the class of travel. Most tickets aren’t too expensive, and you can save money by buying them early or taking advantage of sales or deals.


There are many reasons to take the train to Gdansk. First of all, trains are better for the environment than cars or planes. Second, train travel is usually more comfortable and roomy than other kinds of travel, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Third, traveling by train can be cheaper, especially if you book your tickets ahead of time or take advantage of deals or discounts.

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