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Northern Poland’s Słowiński National Park, which lies close to the Baltic Sea, is a stunning national park. The park is renowned for its clean beaches and sand dunes, which are among the tallest in all of Europe. The park’s numerous hiking routes and other outdoor activities, along with the magnificent natural surroundings, make it a must-visit location for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Sand dunes

Some of the greatest sand dunes in Europe are found in the 186.19 square kilometer Słowiński National Park. These 40-meter-high sand dunes were created over a period of thousands of years by wind and water erosion. They are now a major tourist destination for people traveling from all over the world and a natural wonder.

Słowiński National Park is a special location for anyone who enjoys nature, hiking, and outdoor sports. It is a true natural wonder and one of the most attractive national parks in all of Europe with its magnificent sand dunes, immaculate beaches, and varied wildlife.


Along with its sand dunes, Słowiński National Park contains a number of lakes and marshes that are inhabited by a wide range of flora and animals. The park is a favorite spot for birdwatchers because it is home to over 270 different species of birds. The white-tailed eagle, osprey, and black grouse are a few of the park’s most renowned bird species.


Hiking one of the park’s numerous paths is one of the finest ways to get to know it. The park has more than 70 kilometers of hiking paths, from simple nature strolls to longer, harder excursions. The 6-kilometer-long path across the dunes, which provides breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea and the surrounding landscape, is the most well-liked hiking track.


In addition to hiking, Słowiński National Park tourists can go kayaking, biking, fishing and birdwatching. The park has a number of authorized bike paths as well as a number of lakes and rivers that are popular for canoeing and fishing.


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