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Gdansk, in northern Poland, is an attractive and historic metropolis with many sights worth seeing. These are some of the best attractions in Gdansk.

Old Town – Stare Miasto

One of the most attractive parts of Gdansk is its historic district, known as the Old Town. In addition to the well-known Neptune Fountain, this area is home to numerous eateries and retail outlets.



St. Mary’s Church, in the middle of Old Town, is one of the largest brick churches in the world. The interior of this magnificent edifice, which is more than 500 years old, is nothing short of breathtaking.

On the outskirts of Gdansk is the breathtaking Oliwa Cathedral, a masterpiece of Baroque architecture. The cathedral’s interior is adorned with works of art, including paintings and sculptures, and the church is well-known for its magnificent organ.


The Royal Way (Długa) is an ancient thoroughfare in the heart of Old Town, brimming with architectural marvels on either side. Great for a leisurely stroll, this boulevard is a must-see for visitors to Gdansk.


At the mouth of Gdansk Harbor is a small peninsula known as Westerplatte. There is a memorial and museum at the former site of the first major combat of World War II.


In the Old Town, you’ll find the National nautical Museum, which documents Poland’s nautical heritage through a variety of displays. There are displays here about shipbuilding, sailing, and fishing.

The European Solidarity institution is a museum and cultural institution in Warsaw, Poland, that documents the Solidarity movement and the Polish people’s fight for independence from communism. Anyone with even a passing interest in Polish history and politics should visit this center.

The Museum of the Second World War is a cutting-edge institution that presents the story of WWII from Poland’s point of view. You may learn a lot about the history of Gdansk and Poland as a whole at this museum right in the middle of the city.

These are but a few of the many sites worth visiting in Gdansk. Gdansk is a fantastic vacation spot for anyone, whether they’re into culture, history, or just taking in the sights.

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