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Poland’s beautiful landscapes and dynamic culture have made it a popular destination for short-term rental investments in second houses. These are the main reasons why people invest in second homes in Poland.

Flexibility and Personal Use: As a second home owner, you can use the property on your own vacations, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Poland while still earning rental revenue.

Diversified Income: Short-term rentals can generate a variety of income streams because they cater to different tourist seasons, events, and peak travel periods. Therefore, short-term rental can be a good diversification for long-term rental income, which is usually lower in terms of return on your investment.

High potential rental income: Investing in short-term rental properties in Poland is appealing due to the possibility for high returns. Based on our experience, rental income might range from 4% to 7% per year. If you plan to invest in second homes in Poland, make sure you work with a reliable party to rent out your property on the local market at the best possible conditions.

Property Appreciation: Poland’s real estate market is expanding, creating opportunities for property appreciation. Your second home’s value may rise over time, increasing your total return on investment.

Tax Benefits: Poland provides favorable tax breaks for short-term rental properties. These incentives can help you optimize your tax situation while increasing your rental income.

For private individuals, the tax on rental income in Poland is only 8.5%. If you are planning significant real estate investments, it is certainly worthwhile to consider setting up a Polish company or, even easier, acquiring one that already has real estate in it. You only pay 9% corporate tax if you have a maximum turnover of 2 million euros in your real estate company.

Local Insights: Engaging with short-term rentals provides significant insights into the local market, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding future investments in the area.

Investing in short-term rental homes in Poland offers not only financial benefits, but also the opportunity to immerse yourself in the country’s rich culture and history. It is an opportunity to earn from your investment while enjoying the beauty of this great country.

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10 good reasons to invest in real estate in Poland

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