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Breeze Bay Estates

At Breeze Bay Estates, where luxury meets the classic beauty of Croatia's eastern coast of Istria, experience tranquilly. Tucked up in breathtaking scenery, every villa provides a sophisticated and comfortable haven that blends in well with the beauty of the natural world.

Invest, Earn & Relax in Istria

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The highest possible rental income in the region

Why invest in Istria?

Already more than 7 years ago, our local partner in Istria – originally from Poland – decided to organise rental management for foreigners who owned a house in the region. With this experience, their vision and drive have led them to an even more extraordinary venture: developing and renting out holiday villas for people who are looking for let’s say… something unique and different.

In 2019 they started building villas in stunning locations along Istria’s east coast. These regions, unaffected by mass tourist, provide a unique chance for investing in properties with a proven track record of – undoubtedly –  the best rental income figures in the region.

A safe investment

For a number of strong reasons, Breeze Bay Estates investing is a safe option. First off, great quality and workmanship are guaranteed because the villas are built by a respectable family-owned business with local references. Second, their track record, which shows steady rental income over the years — €50,000 on average for a three-bedroom villa between 2019 and 2023 — says it all. Now that bigger villas are being introduced, they expect even more profits — rent is expected to increase to €60,000. Breeze Bay Estates offers stability in rental income and high potential capital gains with a solid track record and a bright future.

Invest in fully-equiped villas with high rental income

Invest - Earn - Relax

An investment in Breeze Bay Villas is a safe option supported by the presence of a respectable family-run company with experience in all facets of the real estate market. Their knowledge spans building to managing and renting out comparable villas in the area. Investors may be sure of the dependability and expertise that accompany working with Breeze Bay because of its track record of success, painstaking attention to detail, and dedication to quality. You may be sure that a company that has mastered every aspect of villa ownership is handling your investment with skill.

Starting from 750.000 € excl. VAT

Full service rental management

High Return on Investment

Turn your curiosity into prosperity

Fly & Buy

Are you ready to grow your real estate portfolio? Our exclusive “Fly and Buy” program offers a unique opportunity to discover the best hidden gems in the Polish real estate market. Investing in real estate has never been more fascinating!

What awaits you?

  • Customized guided tours to discover profitable properties
  • Personalized consulting with industry professionals
  • Access to off-market and “first hand” investments

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Breeze Bay Estates

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We cover everything

Obviously Asked Questions

Can a foreigner buy real estate in Poland?

Yes, foreigners can purchase real estate in Poland. However, there are several constraints and laws that they should be aware of. For example:

1. Citizens of the European Union (EU): When it comes to purchasing real estate in Poland, EU citizens often have the same rights as Polish citizens. They are free to purchase property, including land and apartments.

2. Non-EU citizens may face restrictions while purchasing real estate in Poland. In general, they must get approval from the Ministry of Internal Affairs before purchasing property. However, there are several exceptions to this rule, such as purchasing commercial property or inheriting it.

We are ready to guide you in every step of your investment in Poland.

Is it safe to buy real estate in Poland as a foreigner?

Yes, foreigners can acquire real estate in Poland safely, especially if proper due diligence and legal procedures are followed. Here are some things to consider:

1. Legal Protection: Poland has a well-established legal framework that protects all property owners, including foreigners. Property rights are properly defined and protected by law.

2. Stable Economy: Poland’s economy is stable, and the real estate market is rising, particularly in regions that already attracted foreign direct investments. This consistency lowers the risk involved with property investing.

3. Transparency: The real estate market in Poland is relatively transparent, with well-defined norms and procedures for property transactions. This transparency boosts investor confidence while lowering the risk of fraud or mismanagement.

4. Professional Assistance: we collaborate only with reputed developers, lawyers, and property management firms which help ensure a seamless and secure property sale & rental process.

5. Investment Potential: Poland has significant real estate investment options, with the potential for rental income and property appreciation, particularly in major urban regions and tourist sites.

Overall, while there are risks connected with any real estate transaction, purchasing property in Poland as a foreigner may be both safe and profitable with sufficient research, due diligence, and professional guidance.

What are the applicable taxes on real estate in Poland?

When purchasing a new real estate development, such as an off-plan flat, in Poland, the applicable taxes differ depending on whether you are an individual or a limited corporation. This is an overview:

1. VAT:
– Individuals: The tax rate is usually 23% of the property value for residential flats in a new development.
– Limited companies pay the same tax rate as individuals: 23% of the property value for residential flats in a new development.

2. Tax on Rental Income (PIT – Podatek Dochodowy od osób fizycznych):
– Individuals: The rental revenue from the property is liable to personal income tax. The tax rate varies according to the individual’s overall income level, but for rental income their is a favourable tax rate of 8,5% on the net rental income.
– Limited Companies: A limited company’s rental income is subject to a flat 19% corporate income tax (CIT).

3. Capital Gains Tax (PCC – Profit from Commercial Activities):
– Individuals: Capital gains from the sale of property are taxed as personal income. If the property has been owned for less than five years, the tax rate is 19 percent. If the property has been owned for more than five years, capital gains are exempted from taxes.
– Limited Companies: A limited company’s capital gains are subject to a flat 19% corporate income tax (CIT).

It’s crucial to remember that tax rates and rules might vary over time, so for the most up-to-date information and individualized guidance, speak with a tax advisor or legal expert who is familiar with Polish tax laws. We are here to assist you.

Can I get a bank loan in Poland as a foreigner?

Yes, but…

Focus on “Do I want a bank loan from a Polish bank?” rather than “Can I get a bank loan in Poland as a foreigner?” The large interest rate differences between Poland and Belgium or The Netherlands explain this statement.

At this writing, Polish interest rates are far higher than those in Belgium or The Netherlands. Polish mortgage rates average 10%, while Belgian rates average 3.5%.

Here’s something to consider: Coastal real estate in Poland offers an attractive rental yield of up to 7% per year. Now, think about the borrowing rates, which sit at about 3.5% in Belgium or the Netherlands. The math is pretty simple. As outsiders, we’re in a prime position to make some serious gains by investing in Polish real estate.

Who is going to sell my property when I want to take my profit?

We select projects based on both their immediate attractiveness and their long-term potential. When we select projects, we carefully examine their future resell potential. To accomplish this, we do extensive market research, focusing on the activities of local real estate brokers in the region. If we identify an active market of real estate brokers selling homes on the secondary market, we are confident in our abilities to help you resell your property locally. This strategy demonstrates our commitment to your investment’s long-term worth and potential for future growth.

Can I also make use of my own apartment?

Central Park Mielno understands that each investor has different expectations for their investment. That is why we provide flexibility adapted to your requirements. You can choose to use your property purely as a second home, providing you with a calm retreat whenever you want. Alternatively, you can give our local rental management business the authority to rent out your property and maximize your annual rental income. In this case, you can also enjoy your property for a set number of days, the peak season not included, allowing you to reap the joys of ownership while maximizing your financial potential.

Will people rent my flat when the project is still under construction?

Rest confident that your flat will be ready for rental as soon as it is delivered, regardless of the project’s overall status. We work closely with construction partners known for their competence in executing projects in popular tourist destinations. They are devoted to ensuring that ongoing construction work in the project’s deliverable phases is organized in such a way that interruption is minimized and the rental experience is pleasant. As an early investor, we appreciate your dedication and understand your desire to maximize long-term potential. Your decision to contribute early is honored, and we are committed to fulfilling our pledge to maximize your investment for the future.

When will the developer start the delivery of apartements?

Delivery of apartments in Phase I will start from july 2024.